National History

alpha Kappa Delta Phi was established at the University of California at Berkeley in the fall of 1989, and recognized by the College Panhellenic Association on February 7, 1990. The fourteen founding sisters: Betty Chu, Karin Co, Susan Kim, Nancy Lee, Sherri Leung, Annie Loo, Belinda Ma, Anita Ng, Serene Ngin, Fannie Pon, Josie Sun, Daisy Wu, Jill Yoshimura, and Reina Yuan, dedicated themselves to establishing a strong and lasting organization, which would provide Asian American women the opportunity to participate in the Greek system. Soon after being recognized by the College Panhellenic Association, the founding sisters brought together a diverse group of women who shared with them the goals of sisterhood, scholarship, and leadership. These ideals were to later set the foundation for alpha Kappa Delta Phi’s purpose.

The love and generosity that each member had for the organization was instrumental to the growth of alpha Kappa Delta Phi’s reputation as a sorority, as well as to the forging of unbreakable friendships. The sisterhood has since then spread to prominent university campuses across the country. To meet the needs of the growing sisterhood, the National Board of alpha Kappa Delta Phi was established in May of 1993 at the National Convention in Santa Barbara, California.

It is the sincere wish of the founding sisters that alpha Kappa Delta Phi continue to promote Asian Awareness in the community and leadership for women by providing each woman with the resources, unique sisterly support and understanding to achieve her goals in life.

To continue the sisterhood after graduation, the National Alumnae Board of alpha Kappa Delta Phi was established in the Fall of 2002 under the initiation of the National Board Alumnae Chair, Sophia Yen, UC Berkeley alumna. The 2002-2003 National Alumnae Board then set the foundation for the establishment of the National Alumnae Association.

Chapter History

Established June 2, 2001, alpha Kappa Delta Phi at the University of California, Santa Barbara began as a dream of sisterhood. Kamali’i O Ke Kai, the Charter Class, consisted of eleven strong lovely ladies: Hiyasmin Dimaranan, Annie Kuo, Gina Kwack, Irene Ngo, Thoai Pham, Nancy Quach, Kristin Tam, Donna Vong, Donna Wang, Mey Year, and Jin Zhou. With the background of IRIS (Interethnic Relations In Sisterhood), they were bonded for life.

charter class

Together as the Charter Class, they dedicated themselves in building a foundation that promoted sisterhood, scholarship, leadership, service, and Asian American Awareness. These ideals, along with the support of sisters nationwide, helped to set the foundation for alpha Kappa Delta Phi at UCSB. Guided by their Pledge Mom – Hong Le of Kappa Chapter, UC Irvine – UC Santa Barbara was welcomed into the Southern California Region family, consisting of UC San Diego, UC Riverside, UC Irvine, and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

It is the sincere wish of the Charters that alpha Kappa Delta Phi continues to promote the ideals on which the organization was founded and to provide each sister with the resources, unique support and understanding to achiever her goals in life.

On May 29, 2005, the active house consisting of Doris Cheung, Alexandra Lee, Erin Tanaka, Loretta Lu, Joyce Rivera, Chhorvon Suy, Crystal Xu, Christine Chiang, Jessica Phan, April Diaz, Jane Kang, Samantha Tsuruoka, Mellissa Wang, Tammy Hoang, Gizelle Quinto, and Ashley Verceles took the UCSB chapter to the next level by achieving Associate Chapter status at the Houston Convention 2005.


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